Lost Mine XIX Poker Run

March 18th, 2023

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Feb Club Ride

In lieu of DIRT being canceled this month, we have many families who wish to still venture out and ride. Anybody who wants to ride has a few options.

  1. We have a few families going to Wagon Wheel, off Trona Road in Ridgecrest. This location is only a few miles from the original Family DIRT location. Here is a link to Google Maps. https://goo.gl/maps/qjGBkbYow7Hvy8JJA
    Darren and Teresa Schmidt will have a RUTS flag flying at camp. Darrens cell is (661) 209-2146
  2. In Ocotillo Wells, near the County Line Road, there is a men’s event, similar to Mens DIRT, called Desert Rat. It is hosted by North Point Church. It does have a registration fee and food is provided. Barry Mittner and his crew will be there and he can be reached at (805) 990-7231. Look for the RUTS flag. https://www.northcoastchurch.com/…/the-desert-rat…/
  3. KOH. King of the Hammers is going on in Johnson Valley. I dont know exactly who is going yet, but stay tuned. More info on this event can be found here. https://kingofthehammers.com/
  4. I heard a few people might be camping in Barstow. David Kindstrand? I will find out and update this post when I do.

Wherever you go this coming weekend, and whomever you end up camping with, dont forget the purpose of RUTS. To Shine a Light in the desert. Have fun everybody and we will all get together in March for the Lost Mine Poker Run on March 17-19

Feb Club Ride