Work day, will be Sunday MAY 26th. We will meet @ 7:am, kickstands up by 8am. The following items are used to set up the course. Side by sides (NEEDED!), hammers / sledges for pounding stakes, LARGE BLACK sharpies, for marking on stakes, camp chair BAGS, these are used to put a dozen or more stakes in and then on your back for marking turns and road crossings. A method of securing your hammer / sledge to your hip or handlebars is also helpful. Half the riders will be doing RIBBON only. The other half will be hauling stakes and marking road crossings / turns. We have been done in the past by 2pm. This is an all hands on deck call. PLEASE come help your club to get this course dials in on Sunday MAY 26th. 7am. LUNCH Provided!

We will meet at RUTS HILL!

Google Maps LINK

34.49182032028909, -116.8266422054162