D.I.R.T  Ocotillo Wells , CA (pre-registration required)
February 2-4, 2024

Mens DIRT is now FAMILY DIRT and It’s good for families to get away! Bring your friends, toys and RVs, to the Southern California desert for an unforgettable weekend of amazing riding, fantastic food, a challenging speaker, prizes, giveaways, and connection with other believers in the dessert. Ocotillo Wells SVRA has something for everyone, with a wide variety of terrain for all skill levels.


  • When is it? February 2-4, 2024.
  • How much is it? Scroll down to see pricing and registration information.
  • By when do I need to register? You can register anytime online. There is no cutoff date to register. However, to receive a D.I.R.T. Shirt, you must register by January 15, 2024. If you register after that, we may not have a D.I.R.T. Shirt for you!
  • How old do you have to be to attend? Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. There is no minimum age, but parent/guardians must be responsible for minors under their care at all times.
  • When does it start and end? Registration begins Friday at 3pm and we’ll shut down on Sunday at 10:00am.
  • How many meals are provided? We will be providing 3 meals (Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast) and a couple of snack times. Please bring your own food for dinner on Friday and lunch on the trail on Saturday. You can also ride to the Blue Inn for a hot meal as well.
  • Can I bring alcohol? No. This is a non-alcohol event.
  • Can we shoot guns? No guns, weapons, or fireworks are allowed.
  • Will there be prizes? You bet.
  • Will I have a good time? Oh yeah!
  • What should I bring? Your own accommodations, something to ride, tools, riding gear, helmet, goggles, cell phone, clothes, jacket, flash light, toiletries, lawn chair, snacks, something for lunch on Saturday, firewood, fuel, oils, friends, your appetite and a sense of adventure.
  • Where? Ocotillo Wells SVRA is not issuing group event permits at this time. Therefore our campsite will be relocated directly across Hwy 78 from Ocotillo Wells Recreation Area, next to the Blu-In RV park. Located 2.5 hours South of Los Angeles and 1.5 hours East of San Diego.
  • Where will we be camping? We will be camping next to the Blu-In RV Park. We will not be in the RV area, and there are no hookups. Here are driving directions to our camp site.
  • What is the nearest riding area? Ocotillo Wells, directly across Highway 78, is the nearest riding area. Here’s a map of Ocotillo Wells SVRA.
  • What are the rules in Ocotillo Wells SVRA? If you are planning on riding in Ocotillo Wells SVRA, here’s the visitor’s guide with the rules and other valuable info.
  • What skill level do I need to have? Nearby riding areas have a huge variety of terrain that is great for everyone from beginners to experts.
  • What’s the terrain like? There are roads, trails, washes, open desert, single track, hill climbs, and a sand dune.
  • Where are the nearest services? There are services nearby in Ocotillo Wells, Anza Borrego, and Salton Sea.
  • What’s the weather going to be like? Please check with online weather services. However, be prepared that the evening for cold evenings and possible blowing sand.
  • Do I need to bring my own RV/sleeping accommodations? Yes. You are responsible to provide your own housing.
  • Where can I rent an RV?* Here are a few suggestions: starrvrentals.com 
  • Do I need to reserve an RV spot? You do need to register for the event, but there are no designated spots. Just come out and pick a spot near our meeting and kitchen area.
  • Will there be RV hook-ups? No. We’ll be dry camping in the desert.
  • Will there be port-a-potties? Yep.
  • Can I rough it in a tent? Yes, but it can get cold and very windy. If the wind kicks up, it could blow your tent over!
  • Do I need to bring my own ride? Yes, we will not be providing any vehicles to use or rent.
  • Where can I rent an ATV?* We recommend Ironwoods Rentals for RZRs. Ironwoods Rentals is offering a Hume-exclusive $50 off for a full-day rental.
  • Is this open to all forms of off-road vehicles? Yes, bring whatever you’ve got. It’s for motorcycles, quads, buggies, 4x4s.
  • Does my ride need to be registered? Yes, all vehicles must be registered with a current green or red OHV sticker and all quad must have flags.
  • What happens if my vehicle breaks? You are responsible to repair your own vehicles. Be prepared and bring tools (or a friend that has tools.)
  • What happens if I get hurt? You are responsible for all risk and liability while you are riding. We suggest riding with a cell phone to be able to dial 911 in case of a medical emergency.

* Hume Lake Christian Camps provides this list of providers as a courtesy only. The listing of an equipment provider on this page does not imply an endorsement of their products, services or safety records. D.I.R.T. attendees who choose to use these equipment providers do so at their own risk.

  • How do I make sure I get my free DIRT T-Shirt? In order to receive your free D.I.R.T. T-shirt, you must register before January 15, 2024. Registration will still be open after this date, but we cannot guarantee you will get a shirt.
  • What will happen to my deposit if something comes up and I have to cancel? All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Who do I contact if I still have some questions?  (559) 305-7784