• Presides at all Club meetings
  • Provides general supervision of the Club’s affairs
  • Appoints any person or committee not otherwise elected by the Club, such as the newsletter editor, webmaster, or race referee
  • Personally represents the Club on proper occasions and in business
  • Promotes interest on the part of each member in Club life and activities
  • Votes only when one vote is necessary to break a tie
  • Provides recreation office coordination (i.e.,trophies, prizes, flyers, and graphics)

Vice President 

  • Performs the duties of the President in his absence
  • Performs special tasks as delegated by the President.
  • Responsible for all RUTS apparel, its ordering, sale and distribution

Recording Secretary 

  • Keeps a record of the general meetings and officers meeting of the Club
  • Distributes an electronic copy of those meeting minutes to the officers following each meeting within seven (7) days.


  • Collects annual membership dues from all members
  • Collects all other money due to the Club
  • Makes all payments from the Club funds
  • Keeps an account of all money electronically (Quicken or QuickBooks)
  • Provides a statement of the Club current funds at each meeting.
  • Reports current financial status in comparison to previous year at each meeting.
  • Prepares annual budget (January) by adjusting previous years budget based on current and expected incoming vrs expenses
  • See bylaws for additional details regarding trustee responsibilities

Correspondence Officer 

  • Maintains Club membership files
  • Receives all club postal mail
  • Sends out membership renewal letter / notice
  • Processes member renewal checks
  • Processes incoming membership applications
    • Phone call to new applicant
    • Copy of application to trustee for phone interview
    • Track voting date of new member
    • Add member to roster
    • Add email to email list (Constant Contact)
    • Send member Welcome Packet via postal mail
    • Membership guide, sticker, ride schedule, welcome letter

Competition Chairman 

  • Maintains classification / point system records
  • Actively receives 3 sign up sheets per month (meeting, race, ride)
  • Determines yearly overall point winners for each class
  • Orders and distributes point winner trophies at Christmas party
  • Holds annual racers meeting in Jan.
  • Evaluates and reports to officers all racer / pit related issues
  • Manages Pit Captain sign up sheet
  • Oversees proper re-supply of racer Pit kit, radio, first aid kit

District 37 Representative 

  • Club representative to District 37.
  • Attends all District 37 meetings and reports back to the Club any information that pertains to the club or our annual race.
  • Acts as the spokesperson of RUTS to the district in club and voting
    related matters.


  • Spiritual overseers of the club
  • Select and oversee voting of all officers
  • Sign all outgoing checks / expenses
  • Represent the club in legal matters
  • Review all applications for membership
  • See bylaws for additional details regarding trustee responsibilities