Work day, will be Saturday MAY 13th. We will meet @ 7:30am, kickstands up by 8am. The following items are used to set up the course. Side by sides (NEEDED!), hammers / sledges for pounding stakes, LARGE BLACK sharpies, for marking on stakes, camp chair BAGS, these are used to put a dozen or more stakes in and then on your back for marking turns and road crossings. A method of securing your hammer / sledge to your hip or handlebars is also helpful. Half the riders will be doing RIBBON only. The other half will be hauling stakes and marking road crossings / turns. We have been done in the past by 2pm, but the last few years due to LACK OF HELP… it took a bit longer. This is an all hands on deck call. PLEASE come help your club to get this course dials in on SATURDAY MAY 13th. 8am-4pm. Bring water and lunch.

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