Our annual New Years ride is coming up. The first arriving RUTS members will mark camp in with RUTS arrows from 20 Mule Team Road and Highway 395…..camp will be marked on on TUESDAY
Our club ride scheduled for:
Thursday Dec 30th through Sun Jan 2nd

Due to the forecast of heavy rains Tuesday through Thursday we have decided to relocate our camping spot for the New Year’s weekend to a location closer to the 395 but in the same general vicinity of Fremont Peak. We will be at the GPS coordinates listed below.
*UPDATED DIRECTIONS* 12/28/2021. 1pm
Take highway 395 NORTH from Kramer Junction (395/58) for 18.5 miles Turn RIGHT onto Cuddeback Road (20 Mule Team Road). Go east towards Cuddeback dry lake for 1.4 miles. Turn LEFT towards Red Mountain. There ARE RUTS arrows at this turn. Go exact 1 mile to camp. Total distance from 395 to camp is 2.4 miles.  We look forward to seeing you in the DEZ, at this new,easier to get to location. Thank you Brian Beaumont for scouting out this location over Thanksgiving weekend.
35°16’29.2″N 117°35’30.8″W
35.274782, -117.591887
Google Map Link -> https://www.google.com/maps/place/35%C2%B016’29.2%22N+117%C2%B035’30.8%22W/@35.274782,-117.5940757,680m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x54fd417e48b3defc!8m2!3d35.274782!4d-117.591887

We will still have planned rides to the Husky Monument, Randsburg, The Squid Pit, The “Gold Fish” pond and an “Around the Peak” single track advanced ride. We will have a Saturday night potluck dessert, and Sunday morning “Church in the desert”.Saturday: more rides….Potluck Dessert after dinner. (7pm)
Sunday: Church in the desert. 8am

Single track “Around the Peak”, early morning and or late afternoon. Friday and Saturday.

Please don’t forget to bring a dessert to share SATURDAY night and also FIREWOOD!
For more information or questions
Check out the RUTS Facebook page
or email ruts@ruts.org

Call Scott if you get lost.949-689-5078.Leave a message or text a message. We will call you back and or find you.