June 13th and 14th, 2020 Cougar Buttes

Attention RUTS members! Our race is SIX short WEEKS away, and we are planning for a GREEN light with a possible large racer turnout due to the MARCH-APRIL-MAY cancelled desert races. We feel the racers will be ITCHING to ride come June. Due to COVID-19, hearts may be more receptive then ever to the Gospel!
We need to know what kind of VOLUNTEER FORCE we will have, come June. We know times are uncertain and public sentiment about leaving our home changes day by day. We are moving forward under the assumption that federal and state agencies will be lifting theĀ “shelter in place” directive. We also know this could change, and if it does, we will change with it.

As of today, April 6th, we will continue planning for the race unless required to stop by the AMA, the BLM, D37 or other government agencies. As of right now, they are all allowing us to proceed.
Please take the following 3 minute survey, which will help us plan for the event.