The Mittner and Harris’s will host this years Thanksgiving Club Ride at Ocotillo Wells. Come join us before or after your family dinner. They will be setting up camp on TUESDAY. If you arrive earlier, please MARK in your location, so we don’t have two camps on Thursday. Fly a flag, mark on a pie plate or print you up some RUTS ARROWS on card stock! Come out for a low key, relaxing weekend of riding and some campfire fellowship. Camp will near the same location as last year.

Potluck Thanksgiving dinner and field trip to “Salvation Mountain” on Friday! To join the conversation about the ride, click this link to go to our Facebook page.

San Diego chapter of the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) will also be in attendance.

Hwy 78 to Cahuilla Trail. Hidden Valley Camp.
If your coming from Salton City (86), turn onto the 78 and then a RIGHT onto Cahuilla Trail, just before you get to the Blue Inn RV Park.
From the Julian entrance, turn LEFT on Cahuilla Trail just after the Blue Inn RV Park. As you are going down Cahuilla Trail, just past Commune Rd there will be some hills. Pass the hills and turn left and camp right by the hills. As you pull in you will see a kids track that we will camp near. FOLLOW the RUTS arrows.

GPS coordinates:

33°08’55.3″N 116°02’26.4″W

33.148694°, -116.040667°

The Mittner and Harris Families will be trail-bossing this weekend

Camp will be marked with PINK RUTS arrows from highway 78 to camp by Tuesday evening.

For more information or directions, call Barry Mittner @ (805) 990-7231 or Evan Harris @ (619) 549-9557.