The Mittner and Richard’s will host this years Thanksgiving Club Ride at South Anderson Dry lake. Come join us before or after your family dinner. They will be setting up camp on Wednesday night. If your arrive earlier, please MARK in your location, so we don’t have two camps on Thursday. Fly a flag, mark on a pie plate or print you up some RUTS ARROWS on card stock! We don’t have anything special planned, so come out for a low key, relaxing weekend of riding and some campfire fellowship. Camp will be near the hillside adjacent to the dry lake, not far from the BLM restrooms. Look for the RUTS arrows and the big blue RUTS flag.

Our preferred camp area if you arrive before we do is linked with this Google Earth KMZ


GPS coordinates:


Trialboss: Charles and Brittney Richards: 559-676-1199 or 559-676-1114

Team G (Dori and Barry Mittner): 805-551-4300 or 805-990-7231


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