May 19th-21st

Join us at Cougar Buttes in Johnson Valley, to ride, camp and play in the rocks! If you have NOT been to the Buttes before, there are LOTS of trails to explore and NOBODY know the trails at the Buttes better then RUTS. For 26 years, RUTS has camped and raced in the BUTTES. We will camp in the traditional RUTS camping area of Cougar Buttes, possibly where we used to have the KIDS race.
See MAP link below for driving directions.

GPS coordinates
34° 29.537’N
116° 49.637’W


For our NEWER families:
Some of our annual rides have larger turnouts, organized trail rides with maps, bible studies or Sunday morning church in the dez….and some camp trips are a less organized gathering of friends in the desert to ride, camp and fellowship. This weekends ride may look more like a loose gathering of friends in a fun and familiar part of the desert. Come and make some new friends. There may be less families then the 28 families we had last month at Dove Springs, but it will be fun no matter what. Click here for our FULL ride schedule.