By now you may have heard of Sue Sumrall’s passing. Many past and present RUTSTERS will remember them if they ever had the privilege of participating in the RUTS North 200. Fred Sumrall is essentially the founder of RUTS North. They both easily welcomed friends and strangers who would arrive at their home for the annual ‘RUTS North Ride’, hosted for 18 years by the Sumrall Family, their devoted Foresthill friends and church community.  Sue was an instant friend, genuine, caring and amazingly organized!  For a nominal fee riders were treated to a bag lunch at strategic stops that included a verse of scripture to encourage each individual rider, gourmet breakfast, and BBQ dinner with all the homemade trimmings.  Sue made this labor of love look easy!  It was a joy to be in her presence, whether chopping onions together, making sandwiches, or visiting over a cup of coffee.  We know that Jesus welcomed her with open arms,  “well done good and faithful daughter”!  We will miss you, Sue!  Thank you for being a gracious and wonderful friend and example to so many.  If you feel led, RUTS is taking donations to send as a blessing to Fred and the Sumrall family. We hope to help offset some of the many unexpected medical expenses incurred.




If you give, please include a NOTE in the MEMO line of the DONATIONS page that says “Fred Sumrall Family”
God Bless His servants!

Sue is the one in the brown jacket.