By George Green

Okay here’s the story: Saturday while working on course “A” we ribboned as far as CK 2 and we had to climb this above novice rocky hill. Everyone made it up easy. Even Scott’s nephew made it look easy. Well, I took the wrong line and got stuck. My friend Alan fell at the bottom of the hill, but made it the second time. Further down the course we stopped for a minute and Alan asked me for the two bottles of water he had in his pack, but they were gone so I gave him one of mine.

Anyway, much later on when I was back at camp, Brad Pace told me that he was working at CK 2 stacking rocks on the uphill and after working in the heat of the day for an hour or so he said he saw stars and had forgot to bring any water. Well, knowing he needed water he turned around and there on the ground were the two brand new bottles of water that had fallen out of Alan’s pack when he crashed. The Lord provides! I hope Brad doesn’t mind me sharing this story, but God was at CK 2.