Fremont Peak 

Dec 29th thru Jan 1st. A RUTS tradition dating way back. If you don’t mind bundling up, wearing a beanie and keeping your heater on, then this is the club ride for you. Ok, so its not as warm as Ocotillo Wells over New Years weekend, but we can promise you the riding is great and the crowds are NON existent. This annual club ride will draw 30+ families and its ALWAYS a good time. An Epic Saturday “long ride” and a Sunday morning church service will help make this a memorable New Years with your RUTS family. Have a model rocket? Bring them because we will have “Rocket Rampage” on Saturday late afternoon. Who’s will go the highest? Camp will be marked by WEDNESDAY mid day, TWO entrances will be marked in, traditional and 20 Mule Team. Some planed rides, like Blackwater Wells, Randsberg, the Husky memorial, fast rides as well as slow rides. Rides will start around 9 AM  or 10 AM.
Friday night General meeting and fellowship, starts at 7 PM
Saturday night worship, Bible study, communion, dessert pot luck, fellowship, starts at 7 PM.
Sunday AM worship and Bible study at 9 AM.Anyone who wants to lead a ride let Tom or Sonny know. Everyone sign in at Tom’s trailer when you get there. The FIRST link below will take you to the Fremont Peak Road entrance, 13.5 miles NORTH of Kramer Junction (Hyw 395 and 58)  From there, follow the RUTS arrow to the first dry lake BEHIND Fremont Peak. The second entrance (longer, but easier drive) is 4.8 miles NORTH of the Fremont Peak Road entrance.
MAP to Fremont Peak Road
MAP from Fremont Peak Road to camp. (this portion will be marked in with arrows)…this is page 2 of 2009 December Newsletter
Bring lots of WOOD!