Our Mike Tarter Memorial Motolympics ride this last month was a great success. With over 30 trailers / families in attendance and perfect weather conditions, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend. The National Hare and Hound on Anderson Dry Lake brought out alot of our desert racers too. A HUGE thank you goes out to the dozens of volunteers who helped make Motolympics Possible. With 10 events and 2 or 3 volunteers per event, there are alot of thanks to go around. If you attended, check out the pictures below, chances are you are in one or more of them! The FINAL results will be posted in the days to come, so check back soon!

Jennifer Dahlin’s MobileMe gallery -> http://gallery.me.com/ktmjenn#100086

John Wiltsey’s MobileMe gallery – >http://gallery.me.com/gmctrucks#100042