Dear Friends,
We wanted to give you a quick update on the Muslim ministry house situation. 
  Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will give a deposit on the house we have been looking at!  Right now we are waiting on some promised funds to arrive and as well we need just around 3000 dollars more to come in to complete the purchase.
  This is great news and yes, we are stepping out in faith a bit for the remaining funds, but we look at how much the Lord has done already and are confident that He will bring it to completion.  We hope to have the house purchased within about 30 days!
  We were reflecting tonight in our family prayers about how many of the Muslim nations are in disarray and turmoil-  Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Bahrain and more.
  It seems the people are saying “we want something more”.  We believe that what they need is the Savior!  This could be the time in history when we see many Muslims come to Christ, so it seems that the Lord is also leading us in to be ready for a new move of God among the Muslims here in Georgia.
  As for our family and staff, we have endured many difficult times since we started this project, we have no doubt that the devil is fighting against us,  many of us are sick, there have been financial and family problems among our staff and other difficulties.  BUT, we are committed to stand strong in the Lord.  Please be praying for us for protection and steadfastness!
  Pray also for our soon starting Discipleship Training School.  We plan on taking our outreach portion of the school to minister in the region where the house is, so it is no surprise that almost all of our students are struggling to get here.  Pray protection for our students and staff, also pray for more students to come, we want to have a full classroom.
  One of the students is a wonderful Kurdish young lady who has been praying to come to DTS for years.  Her father (an unbeliever) has been against it, but recently has become more open.  We went to their house to discuss the possibility of her coming and at first he was a bit argumentative about it, but very soon he opened up and we were able to share very directly with him his need for a savior.  By the end of the meeting he was not only allowing his daughter to come but blessings her to come to the DTS!
  So, while we are having some difficult times we are also seeing miracles, we have seen that the more the enemy seeks to weaken us the more the strength of the Lord is shown.  It’s a fair trade, our weakness for His strength revealed among us.
  If you are interested in giving toward the ministry house or to sponsor a DTS student please just write us for giving info.     Blessings from here 

Dennis, Korinne, Jesse and Tia

Picture is Korinne and I with Liana (from the story above)