Ride Schedule

Our club has regular family-friendly rides 6-8 times per year. We also co-host 2 rides per year with Hume Lake Christian Camp. We ride from Ocotillo Wells in the south to Gorman near LA in the north and quite a bit in the High Desert.  We frequently ride in Red Mountain, Cal-City, Johnson valley and the Barstow area. Here is a link to some of our favorite spots! Most rides are scheduled for the THIRD weekend of the month.

October Rides
MOTOLYMICS Oct. 12th-14th 2018
Location: Soggy Dry Lake Bed
Second weekend of October, details forthcoming.
N34° 53′ 07″
W116° 99′ 69″

November (2 rides)
Family D.I.R.T. Nov. 2nd-4th 2018
Sign ups and info at link below:

Thanksgiving Ride.
Location: South Anderson Dry Lake.
Thursday Nov 22nd-25th
Trailboss: Mitner family
Camp marked in on Thursday

December / January Ride
Friday Dec 28th – Tuesday Jan 1st.
New Years weekend.
Fremont peak or Ocotillo Wells, details forthcoming

February Ride
Mens D.I.R.T . Feb 8th-10th, 2019
Ocotillo Wells. Second Weekend in Feb.

March Ride
Third weekend in March.
March 15-17, 2019
14th annual Lost Mine Poker Run
Randsburg Area-Location to be announced.
Trailboss: Dave Beaumont
To benefit the Holt Family, Missionaries in the Nation of Georgia.

April Ride
April 19th-21st, 2019
Dove Springs Treasure Hunt
Annual used gear sale, bring your in needed used gear for the RUTS gear sale on Saturday. Proceeds to benefit the RUTS club fund.

May Ride
May 24th-26th. 2019
Cougar Buttes, Johnson Valley.
GPS coordinates
34° 29.537’N
116° 49.637’W

Dates to be announced.

More rides with RUTS Central Coast and RUTS North

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