Ride Schedule

Our club has regular family-friendly rides 6-8 times per year. We also co-host 2 rides per year with Hume Lake Christian Camp. We ride from Ocotillo Wells in the south to Gorman near LA and quite a bit in the High Desert.  We frequently ride in Red Mountain, Cal-City, Johnson valley and the Barstow area. Here is a link to some of our favorite spots! Most rides are scheduled for the THIRD weekend of the month.


January Ride
New Years Weekend
Fremont Peak / 20 Mule Team Road / Cutteback Dry Lake

February Ride
Mens D.I.R.T
Ocotillo Wells

March Ride
March 17-19, 2017
Lost Mine Poker Run XII
Trailboss: Dave Beaumont
To benefit the Holt Family, Missionaries in the Nation of Georgia.

April Ride
April 21-23, 2017
Dove Springs Treasure Hunt. Trailboss: Randy Hettema  hettema@sbcglobal.net
20 mile and 40 mile loops with GPS treasure hunt for the kids.

Saturday April 29th.  Lake Elsinore MX. 9am-5pm
$25 for kids. $30 per adult
Look for the RUTS trailer

May Ride
May 19th-21st. 2017
Cougar Buttes, Johnson Valley. This ride will take place in the MELTDOWN location. Our club has hosted a race in this location for the past 28 years. The last TWO years, we have taken off, so this will be a fun return to our stomping grounds. Camp will be marked in on Thursday.
GPS coordinates
34° 29.537’N
116° 49.637’W

July Ride
July 21-23th, 2017
DATE CHANGE to July 14th-17th
Kennedy Meadows.
Trailboss: Tim Skelly (714) 639-3900  tim@insidelinemoto.com
Campground: Bonita Meadows camp area. 10.5 miles from Blackrock ranger station. Look for RUTS signs. Starting at Blackrock Ranger station intersection. Directions to be on website soon.

Motolympics. Trailboss: Scott Burnett
Trailboss:  scott@ruts.org
Soggy Dry Lake, Bessimer Mine Rd.


Family Dirt, hosted by Hume Lake Christian Camp
Ridgecrest, Searles Station Road.
Registration required. More info here

Thanksgiving Ride.
Location: South Anderson Dry Lake
Trailboss: Scot Duncan

December Ride
New Years weekend. Normally at Fremont Peak, COULD possibly be at Mudd Hills for the 2017 / 2018 New Years ride. Details forthcoming.


More rides with RUTS Central Coast and RUTS North

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