Holt Family Update

Dear Friends,
We wanted to give you a quick update on the Muslim ministry house situation. 
  Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will give a deposit on the house we have been looking at!  Right now we are waiting on some promised funds to arrive and as well we need just around 3000 dollars more to come in to complete the purchase.
  This is great news and yes, we are stepping out in faith a bit for the remaining funds, but we look at how much the Lord has done already and are confident that He will bring it to completion.  We hope to have the house purchased within about 30 days!

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Lost Mine Poker Run

The 7th annual Lost Mine Poker Run, benefiting YWAM missionaries, the Holt Family, will be Thursday March 17th – Sunday March 20th at Goler Gulch. Trail-boss Dave Beaumont always surprises us with a GREAT poker run. Dave is currently preparing a 40 mile adventure loop and a 15 mile family loop. Both loops will be suitable for 2 or 4 wheels. The camp location will be off Randsburg road at the same dry lake bed as last year. Dont forget the TIGHT right turn onto the lakebed. Best bet is to pass up the tight right, use the round about and then come down on to the lakebed. The entry fee is your tax deductible donation to the Holt’s ministry at sign ups. The Holts serve our Lord in the Nation of Georgia and our support to thier missions works goes a long way, so lets show them how generous our club is!  Check out the flyer and call Dave if you have any questions or you would like to assist.  (661)251-7131.

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