The 24th annual Meltdown is upon us.

This weekend is our 24th annual Meltdown race, our outreach event that we prepare all year for. Please keep the club in prayer and the racers who will be attending, that they might leave our event saying “Hey…there is something different about that club…something I want a part of.” Many people come to know the Lord, not by fancy prayers or eloquent speeches, but simply by watching other Christians “do life together”. Pray that lives will be touched through our efforts this weekend in the desert.

Our scripture for the weekend is Philippians 2:2-5 Have the Attitude of Christ

2 Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. 3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.

Our goal is to serve the racers this weekend in such a way that words do not need to be used to get thier attention and point them towards our Lord and Savior! Lets win them over with our humble servant hearts. Come prepared to serve our King. Its going to be a really fun weekend. I cant wait to see you all at Cougar Buttes!

In His grip, Scott Burnett

For CLUB members:

1) Arrive as early as possible. We have alot of course marking, direction arrows, ribbon and stakes to put up this Friday. We need as many people there Friday morning as possible. Come to sign ups as soon as your able…. to find what is left that needs to be done.

2) Do NOT ride the course when you arrive, unless you are putting up ribbon, bunting or pounding stakes. Please. The course captains have requested that “play riders” stay off the course on Friday. Who has time to play ride on Friday anyway?

3) Our MEETING will be from 9-10pm on Friday at signups. We will shuffle check workers around if needed, go over some last minute items and hand out the supplies needed to make the race happen! Come to sign ups anytime after 8pm with your chair, meeting will start PROMPTLY at 9pm and go 1 hour. Wear a RUTS shirt if you have one, as we will take a group photo.

4) SUPPLIES NEEDED. If you have a folding table, ice chest or extra E-Z up. Please put your LAST name on it somewhere and bring it to the BBQ area on Friday when you arrive. We need as many as possible for Saturday afternoon / evening activities.

5) Raffle Prizes. We are still in need of some raffle prizes. Anything NEW you can get from your local motorcycle dealer will be accepted. Donated or purchased, product or gift certificates, large or small. Bring them tot he stage area anytime on Friday or Saturday.

6) PEOPLE NEEDED. On Friday we need some volunteers to man the new “Welcome Station”. We will have an E-Z up, table and chairs set up at the entrance to the camp area off Granite Road, as you drive into camp for our racers. As the racers arrive on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, they will be stopped and greeted by a smiling RUTS member who will hand them riders instructions, course maps, a tract and race entry sign in sheets. They will also direct first timers to sign ups and answer questions. The Gift of Hospitality and a love for our D-37 racers is a MUST for these volunteers. Lori Getzlaff is starting off at 3pm, and will need a helper or two and a relief crew at dinner time. This will be a fun task for the wives of those racers who are out on the course pounding stakes and tying ribbon on Friday.

7) Saturday afternoon from 3-4pm, we need all club members NOT at a check point to report to the kids race to help Rocky Warbrick with the kids races. At 5-7pm, we need all club members to check in with Brian Novak at the BBQ to see if they need help. If you can serve food for 30 minutes or an hour that would be great.

8) Sunday Chapel is at the stage at 7am, if your around camp at that time. Free coffee and doughnuts! Were looking for a worship leader / guitar player…anybody? D. Alabran will be leading our morning service.

9) Last but not least. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray for good weather, no wind, safe riding conditions, pray for the health and energy of our club and the attending racers. Pray for hearts to be opened to conversations, silent witnessing and a Saturday evening specially designed to witness to our D37 race friends.

MAP (to Cougar Buttes)

Got a question?…call John Wiltsey
Meltdown Referee
(626) 641-1968

Club Ride / Work Weekend Report

John WiltseyRide Report May 2011 “Work Weekend”

Thursday saw some Moore’s (“Smores”?) ;-), The Matson Clan, Sonny and others arrive to a rapidly filling camp spot at the buttes. Holiday Weekend crowds were expected but never really caused any problems.

That can’t be said for the WIND! Steady and growing Thursday Friday, and Saturday, then “NUTTY” Saturday night and into Sunday, I estimate sustained 35-40 mph (Sunday) with gusts well above that. Marty reported that his helmet BLEW out of the back of his truck.  Most reported restless sleep as their campers bounced in the wind.awnings and ez ups were nowhere to be seen.

Now for the GOOD.

Despite the wind there were approximately 20 hearty RUTSters young and old ribboning the 2 signature “Dave K” courses. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED!! I would say that 90% of the ribboning was done, (thought some will be undone by race weekend) and more than half of the stakes if not all.

“Chicken, asada and ribs, Oh my!”

The potluck BBQ was fantastic, we savored some tasty meat and sides too. The Krenik’s trailer provided plenty of rotating seating for dinner and fellowship. Many thanks to Ann Marie for letting us escape the wind!

Due to the wind and cold I did not have the opportunity to lead devotions but if you are interested here’s my notes

I pray this would lead you into study and meditation with the goal of intentionally seeking opportunities to share the Good News!


reach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.

*God reveales Himself in nature, both in the sky (universe) and in the world (earth)”

Ps 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God;…..

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