Club Ride / Work Weekend Report

John WiltseyRide Report May 2011 “Work Weekend”

Thursday saw some Moore’s (“Smores”?) ;-), The Matson Clan, Sonny and others arrive to a rapidly filling camp spot at the buttes. Holiday Weekend crowds were expected but never really caused any problems.

That can’t be said for the WIND! Steady and growing Thursday Friday, and Saturday, then “NUTTY” Saturday night and into Sunday, I estimate sustained 35-40 mph (Sunday) with gusts well above that. Marty reported that his helmet BLEW out of the back of his truck.  Most reported restless sleep as their campers bounced in the wind.awnings and ez ups were nowhere to be seen.

Now for the GOOD.

Despite the wind there were approximately 20 hearty RUTSters young and old ribboning the 2 signature “Dave K” courses. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED!! I would say that 90% of the ribboning was done, (thought some will be undone by race weekend) and more than half of the stakes if not all.

“Chicken, asada and ribs, Oh my!”

The potluck BBQ was fantastic, we savored some tasty meat and sides too. The Krenik’s trailer provided plenty of rotating seating for dinner and fellowship. Many thanks to Ann Marie for letting us escape the wind!

Due to the wind and cold I did not have the opportunity to lead devotions but if you are interested here’s my notes

I pray this would lead you into study and meditation with the goal of intentionally seeking opportunities to share the Good News!


reach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.

*God reveales Himself in nature, both in the sky (universe) and in the world (earth)”

Ps 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God;…..

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May Club Ride / May 27th-30th

Cougar ButtesHello RUTS!
Time to think about May Club ride/work weekend. We have adjusted the “NORMAL” club ride weekend (usually the THIRD weekend of the month), to the LAST weekend for this month, sot hat we can also use it for our “Meltdown work day”. Both course captains will be there to do course set up on the courses, and on Saturday we will ribbon the loops! It would be great to get all the check captains, sweep, start captains and finish captains there too to do some recon and set up prior to Meltdown. Whomever arrives first on Thursday or Friday night, please mark in camp and try to secure a large area for us to stage on Saturday, when the majority of the club members will arrive for the day. I (John Wiltsey) will be there EARLY Saturday by the sign up area at the buttes. We need to be ready for some crowds as it’s a holiday weekend.  We are planning to completely ribbon and stake the courses, only leaving the actual paper arrows till race week. Schedule (proposed) for Sat
Day riders arrive at 7am
8AM begin ribboning courses
6PM Dinner Potluck Fellowship.Bring your favorite “flesh” to cook  (I’ll bring out my BBQ and plenty briquetts, extra BBQ’s welcome). If your last name Begins with A-M bring a side dish, vegges, salad or “starch”. If your last name begins with N-Z bring a fruit salad or a dessert.

I will provide condiments, plates, cutlery & drinks. We will have an evening devotion time and prayer for Meltdown after dinner


8AM Devotion / Church
10 AM finish any course marking and stakes etc.
Free time, maybe ride to rockpile/pinnacles/dunes/Anderson etc

Monday (its a HOLIDAY!)

Open, and open to ideas, or just beat the traffic home?

See you all there!

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John Wiltsey
Trailboss and Meltdown Referee
(626) 641-1968

Cougar Buttes