Racers Meeting this coming Saturday

Annual 2012 Racers Meeting
Friday Aug 13th @ 5pm


Ruts Racers MeetingSaturday August 13th from 5pm to 7pm at Nicks Pizza. 21510 Bear Valley Road Apple Valley,
If you need more info please call George Green at (310)326-3071. We will go over all race related items such as PITS, equipment, races for the second half of this racing season and more. All active racers and club officers are encouraged to attend. Even if your NOT an active racer but live in the high desert, please join us for a fun time of bench racing and club business. 

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Kennedy Meadows Ride Report

Kennedy Meadows ride report By Phil Brillinger AKA Dr. Phil 

Kennedy Meadows RUTSWell if you missed this ride you really missed out on a great time in one of So Cal’s best mountain riding area’s. I took Wednesday off trying to get all of my loose ends done before the trip. About 5pm I was done and got antsy, so I packed up and headed for the mountains about 7PM. I rolled into the Troy Over flow camp at about 11:30 PM  and luckily there was only one other camper there who was still up watching TV, so I jumped into the back seat and crashed for the night. Thursday morning I woke up for the fifth time at about 7am, I hate sleeping in the back seat. I got up and moved the truck to the premium tent site and unloaded my gear.For about 4 years I have had a pesky small leak in my front tube, so I figured this would be a good time to fix it. I made up a sling with two tie down straps attached to two trees/ handlebars  and hoisted the front end of my trusty 2004 CRF450R off the ground. Off came the front wheel and out came the tube. I took the tube down to the small running stream behind my camp site and dipped the tube into the water. A small cactus needle sized pin hole in the center of the tube was the cause of my annoying but not critical leak. Searching through the tool box left me empty handed for a patch kit, so I headed off to meet the neighbors. I found a nice family who was camped down the road a bit and borrowed a patch.. Tube fixed, tire back on and I was ready to ride. Only one problem, there was no club members here to ride with and my next door neighbors were still asleep. I decided to break the club rules and headed of on a short easy solo ride to the Black Rock ranger station to get maps and check the trail opening status. Once at the station I talked to the ranger in charge for awhile about what trails we could and could not ride, highlighted one map with notes and headed back to camp to set up my RUTS signs on the road into camp. About lunch time a couple trailers came into camp , so I gave them a RUTS greeting.

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