Feb Club Ride

RUTS will host our Feb Club ride at Ocotillo Wells, the weekend of Feb 13-14th, presidents weekend. While we are bummed that Hume’s DIRT event had to be cancelled, we are determined to keep the spirit of the event alive for 2021. All DIRT attendees are invited to join us as we fellowship, ride, campfire and enjoy the desert with our families and our vehicles!

Location: 1.4 miles NORTH of the Blu In off Hyw 78 in ocotillo Wells.
GPS: 33.131407° -116.067998°

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ycGhEphaGSnAwW4Q9

Google Earth KMZ: http://www.ruts.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/2021FebClubRide.kmz

OHV Map: https://ohv.parks.ca.gov/pages/1170/files/OcotilloMap-FINAL-011018.pdf

From Palm Springs, take the 86 SOUTH and turn RIGHT on the 78.
Go 12.5 miles and turn RIGHT into the Ocotillo Wells OHV area.
From San Diego, take the 78 through Borrego Springs and go 3.5 miles PAST the airport and the camp location will be on your LEFT.

There should be RUTS arrows marking this location by WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Our camp location could be close to the road, or as far away as 1/2 mile. In the event that camping is restricted in this area, we will be at our “ALTERNATE LOCATION”, on the OPPOSITE side of the highway, at the same turn off from the 78. If you arrive, and can NOT find camp, call Barry “BBQ” Mittner @ 805-990-7231 or Scott Burnett @ 949-689-5078

Fremont Peak – New Years Weekend

Our annual New Years ride is coming up. The first arriving RUTS members will mark camp in with RUTS arrows from 20 Mule Team Road and Highway 395.

See MAP links below for camp location
Our club ride scheduled for:
Thursday Dec 31th through Sun Jan 3rd

We will be camped at the first dry lake bed behind Fremont Peak (not Cuddyback), in the same location we have used for past few years.

We will have planned rides to the Husky Monument, Inscription Canyon, Randsburg, The Squid Pit, The “Gold Fish” pond and an “Around the Peak” single track advanced ride. We will have a Saturday night potluck dessert, and Sunday morning “Church in the desert”.

Friday: Ride to inscription canyon, Husky, Randsburg and or the Gold Fish pond.
Saturday: more rides….Potluck Dessert after dinner. (7pm)
Sunday: Church in the desert. 8am

Single track “Around the Peak”, early morning and or late afternoon. Friday and Saturday.

Camp location
GPS: 35° 13.258’N 117° 26.582’W
Google Earth (KMZ):http://tinyurl.com/RUTSnewyearscamp
Google Maps: http://tinyurl.com/RUTSnewyearscamp2
PDF Map: http://tinyurl.com/RUTSnewyearscamp3

DIRECTIONS. Take highway 395 NORTH from Kramer Junction (395/58) for 18.5 miles Turn RIGHT onto Cuddeback Road (20 Mule Team Road).

If Cuddyback dry lake is DRY, go 5.2 miles and turn RIGHT again onto a marked road that will go TOWARDS the dry lake. There SHOULD be RUTS arrows at this intersection.  Go right towards Cuddeback Dry Lake. Once on the lake bed, turn RIGHT. Follow the Lake / road to the 5 way intersection. There will be more arrows at this intersection. Go THROUGH the intersection, and continue approximately 2 more miles to the un-named dry lake at the base of Fremont Peak Mountain. RED LINE ON MAP BELOW

RAIN ALTERNATE, go 4.6 miles on Cuddyback Road, and turn RIGHT onto Hoffman Road, the road will take you all the way to the 5 way intersection. There will be more arrows at this intersection. Go THROUGH the intersection, and continue approximately 2 more miles to the un-named dry lake at the base of Fremont Peak Mountain. BLUE LINE ON MAP BELOW

Traditional Route, via Fremont Peak road. Reports are that this road is in good shape this year. No major puddles. Do NOT expect RUTS arrows on this route. Only go this route if familiar with the location. New attendees should go the route via Cuddyback Road. There is a rough section at bottom of hill coming up to 5 way intersection that is hard on large motorhomes pulling trailers. Trucks and or small trailers will have no problems going this route. From Hwy 395, Turn RIGHT onto Fremont Peak Road, veer left at 3.8 miles. Go 4.5 miles tot eh 5 way intersection. Turn RIGHT and go 2 miles to campsite. GREEN LINE ON MAP BELOW.

Please don’t forget to bring a dessert to share SATURDAY night and also FIREWOOD!
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Check out the RUTS Facebook page
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