Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with a particular church organization?

We are all just Christian believers who like dirt bikes. A few of our members go to the same church. Most members live too far apart to be in the same church. Our underlying commonality is Jesus Christ and his shed blood for our sins. Second to our love for Christ is our love of dirt bikes and riding/racing.

Do all of your members race?

No. About 30% race and the rest just ride for fun.

Where are you located?

We are located in Southern California. We don't really have an office, but we do have a P.O. Box. We meet at Fuddruckers at 7802 Orangethorpe, Buena Park (corner of Orangethorpe and Beach, just north of the 91 Fwy). We take care of club business, including planning our club rides and race support. We have a Bible  study and end the meeting with group prayer .  We also have a Northern and Central California and Reno Nevada group of RUTSters.

What types of racing?

We race desert. grand prix, enduro and motocross. Desert racing is the purest form of off-road racing. There are few roads in the desert we race on and you seldom cross pavement. Every June we put on a Hare & Hound desert race.  Most races are 80 miles in length and require the racers to make one pit stop for gas. In 1999, we  became part of the California AMA Championship Motocross Series and put on races at the local motocross tracks.

How many members are in RUTS?

There are about 150 families on our mailing list. We usually have about 50-100 show up at a club ride. At the races we usually have about 15 racers plus a pit crew.

How often do you have special events?

Once a month we have a club ride. This might be a match time enduro in the desert or a long trail ride in the mountains. For two day events we have  a Bible study around the campfire. If you are in the area,  come on out and join us!