Steve Gavin

Honda CR250 Yeah!

Mr. Welding Works himself. Stevie is best known in the dirt bike and racing community in general as The Gav Man. He welds he cuts he fabs he slabs. If it doesn't fit, Steve makes one that does.


Stevie is also known as the infamous 'Pipe Inflator'. By means of some patented secret technique, Steve can get all the dents out of any 2 stroke pipe in minutes. Old flat pipes become like new and new pipes - well he painted my FMF Gold pipe black, but I'm getting used to it.

Yep that's a Chrysler oil pan - need to put it in a Chevy frame? No problem. Anyone for puting a KX500 motor in a moped.... Steve Gavin presents - The World's First and Coolest Mono Shock Moped!

Here it is! The world's very first Mono Shock Moped! Is this cool or what? I bet you can't guess the year.... Well it was in the Bohemian era - maybe the Bee Gees and Bread were cool then too? Saddleback was the place to race.


OK one last Stevie pic -

Now if Mom won't let you ride dirt bikes because they are dangerous, try riding this!!


Visit Stevie at his new muffler shop at 748 W. Angus in Orange.