Mike Bandfield

Bike: 200 Gas Gas  Class: 200 Exp Rank: 1c Desert, Enduro

Mike is Vice President of the club this year.  Mike's love for racing is second place to his love for the Lord. RUTS has put up with this guy for quite a while now and he doesn't seem to be slowing down in his passion for life and going way too fast.

Mike rips it up at some lonely desert race in So. Cal. 1997.


Man, here he is in true form, checking the wind direction with his tongue, the doctors say the thumbs were stuck in his head at birth. Amazingly he still rides - very narrow handlebars.

Mike biffed it big time at Adelanto on the triples one year - here it is!

Tap the front, no back , no gas , no aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!


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