Bike: KTM 400SX

            Class:Vet Novice MX

          Rank: #90

     After "allegedly" running a fellow pastor off a trail (by accident) at one of our club rides, Erik was given a book titled "Barney's - How to Ride Safely Handbook".  Since then, he's been learning a lot from Barney about riding etiquette.  He has also earned the nickname "Bully".  In all seriousness, Erik loves to talk about the Bible (and dinosaurs...and how God created them).  He has a collection of creation science videos and books that explain away the Theory of Evolution, and how it conflicts with the teaching of the Bible, Creation and science.  He will be happy to share with those who are interested.

Erik will tell you that it doesn't matter how high or far you can jump; without Jesus as your Lord and Saviour - It's all in vain.

Erik at he Elsinore MX track.

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