Since 1967 Mike Tarter had always been a motorcycle extremist.  It seemed as though dirt was in his blood. In January of 1983 Mike became another sort of extremist.  He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  After that day he found that his goals in life and on the bike had changed. Mike was looking for some friends to ride with that were the same as him, CHRISTIANS! Not knowing anyone from church with a bike, Mike placed an ad in Cycle News, Wanted - Christian Off-roaders to ride and fellowship with.  Well, he started getting phone calls and in February of 1984 the first Racers Under The Son (R.U.T.S.) meeting was held, in Cypress California.  Twelve people met that night and in three months the number was up to fifty.  Today RUTS members number about 235 families.  These people have all come together to share GOD'S love and enjoy the great outdoors.


RUTS is a non-denominational group of Christian off-road enthusiasts.  Our purpose is to be an evangelistic outreach to those who need Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We also want to bring revival to those who are saved.  The desert & motocross racing/riding community has many clubs.  Racers Under The Son is not just another club, we love the Lord and enjoy fellowship with other Christians.  Our monthly club rides range from the low desert to the high Sierras.  All are welcome to our monthly meetings as well as our rides.  God has given each of us special talents and interests, ours is dirt and bikes. With this gift of joy we have in the deserts and forests, we have the responsibility of sharing God's word with the unsaved.  RUTS holds campfire praise music and bible studies at our club events.

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