Lost Mine Poker Run 16

March 20th-22nd, Hardcash Gultch (aka The FootBall Field or Matts Place)


RUTS Fantasy Supercross


  1. Go to www.rmfantasysx.com
  2. Sign in or create a free account
  3. Scroll down to “JOIN A GROUP”
  4. Search for “Racers Under The Son”
  5. Password for the group is rutsrules
  6. Pick your top riders and see how you do!

Pick your racers before each round, round 1 starts at 6:30pm Saturday..Jan 4th. Get on it quick. Good luck to all!
The website give you there practice times, best, last and differential in real time….so you can check out what they are doing right now and then make your picks! (example below from the rmfantasysx.com site)

 Good luck to all!